(…for composers and other curious souls)

‘modern’ clarinets

clarinet in Eb (Leblanc or Buffet Prestige)
clarinet in C (Leblanc)
clarinet in Bb (Buffet Festival)
clarinet in A (Buffet Festival)
‘full-Boehm’ clarinet in Bb (Leblanc)
‘full-Boehm’ clarinet in A (Buffet R13)
German-system (full-Oehler) clarinets in Bb and A (F. A. Uebel)
basset clarinet in A (Buffet)
basset horn (Buffet)
bass clarinet (Buffet)
contrabass clarinet (Leblanc)
(in Ensemble Musikfabrik concerts or elsewhere you might also see me playing the Musikfabrik contrabass clarinet, which is by Benedikt Eppelsheim)

saxophones (I’m not a ‘real’ saxophonist but these come in handy for doubling parts)

soprano РSelmer S̩rie II
alto РSelmer S̩rie II
tenor – Conn New Wonder (ca 1919)

historical instruments

chalumeaus * (all at a’=415)

soprano (in f’) – one by Peter van der Poel, one by Guntram Wolf, one by Andreas Schöni with ‘d’amore’ foot to e’
alto (in c’) – by Peter van der Poel
tenor (in f) – by Peter van der Poel
bass (in c) Рone by Andreas Sch̦ni, one by Peter van der Poel
basson di chalumeau (in F, with thumb keys down to B’b) by Andreas Schöni

* the standard plural is of course the French one. I don’t see any more
reason to write ‘chalumeaux’ than to write ‘bureaux’, though.

historical clarinets

at a’=415:

2-key clarinet in D by Jochen Seggelke after Jakob Denner
3-key clarinet in D by Agnès Guéroult after Scherer

at a’=430:

7-key clarinet in C by Jochen Seggelke after Bühner und Keller (Strasbourg)
5-key clarinet in Bb by Peter van der Poel after Lotz
12-key clarinet in Bb by Joel Robinson after H. Grenser (with corps de rechange for 5-key setup)
5-key clarinet in A by Peter van der Poel after Lotz
9-key basset clarinet in A by Peter van der Poel after Lotz

at a’=440 or a little higher if I push all the joints in:

13-key clarinet in Eb by Lefèvre, ca 1830

…some pictures and sound to come.

I also have some quite nice recorders at a’=440. I use them for improvisations and free scores; for doubling parts (for example in Richard Barrett’s Opening of the Mouth); and for tootling Handel, Graupner and Telemann purely for my own amusement.

garklein – Küng, grenadilla
sopranino – Moeck after Rottenburgh, grenadilla
soprano – Mollenhauer after Denner, boxwood
alto – Mollenhauer after Denner, grenadilla
tenor – Yamaha, surprisingly respectable plastic
bass – Zen-On, maple

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