solo pieces

solo works
clarinet in E flat
Michael Finnissy    Marrngu **
Giacinto Scelsi    Tre pezzi

clarinet in C
Richard Barrett    knospend-gespaltener **
James Erber    Strange Moments of Intimacy * †
Michael Finnissy    Cirit **

clarinet in B flat
Luciano Berio    Sequenza IXa
Matthew Bieniek    Fleshold *
Pierre Boulez    Domaines
Chris Dench    The Sadness of Detail
James Dillon    Crossing Over
Franco Donatoni    Clair
Michael Finnissy    Runnin’ Wild **
Michael Finnissy    Uzundara **
Richard David Hames    Memorabilia *
Richard David Hames    Zurna
Helmut Lachenmann    Dal Niente (Intérieur III)
Enno Poppe    Holz solo
David Young    otturato

clarinet in A
Chris Dench    ruins within * †

bass clarinet
Georges Aperghis    Damespiel * †
Richard Barrett    CHARON **
Luciano Berio / Rocco Parisi    Sequenza IXc **
Aaron Cassidy    metallic dust *
Pascal Dusapin    Itou **
Brian Ferneyhough    Time and Motion Study I
Michael Finnissy    Song 12
Vinko Globokar    Voix Instrumentalisée
Heinz Holliger    Contrechant
Mauricio Kagel    Schattenklänge **
Josh Levine    Reprise **
Rebecca Saunders    Caerulean *

contrabass clarinet
Richard Barrett    interference (+voice, pedal bass drum) * †
Franco Donatoni    Ombra **
Gérard Grisey    Anubis, Nout **
Evan Johnson    Ground

Georges Aperghis    Récitations (selection)
Aaron Cassidy    I, purples, spat blood, laugh of beautiful lips *
Evan Johnson    A general interrupter to ongoing activity *

body percussion
Robin Hoffmann    An-Sprache

* first performance
** first performance in Australia
† dedicated to Carl Rosman

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